Old-school fitness has made a BIG comeback…

Without being able to go to the gym for the better part of a year, a lot of people rediscovered the simple pleasures of back-to-basics exercise.

Like jogging, walking, biking, and using playground equipment to do pull ups.

For example, the running app Runkeeper saw a 252% increase in new users over the past year. And, “outdoor activities” were among the top fitness trends for 2021, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

And it turns out, you don't need fancy equipment to get a good workout.

Studies show that virtually any amount of physical activity can help prevent chronic disease, boost longevity and improve mental health. And outdoor activity is especially good for both the mind and body.

Cedric Bryant is the chief science officer at the nonprofit American Council on Exercise. He thinks the 20% of the population who were gymgoers before the pandemic will go back to the gym. But he says the renaissance of simple fitness will continue… Timeless activities like running, biking, and hiking. Bryant says, “People are going to return to the gym, but people will also find that our gym can be anywhere.”